Utah Ski Resorts Guide


Utah is world famous for our light and dry powder snow. It's pure heaven! Skiers describe skiing Utah's amazing powder as a "pure adrenaline rush." Being high up in the mountains surrounded by breathtaking scenery is amazing. Flying over the snow with a feeling of being king of the world. When you get on a good powder run, you escape into a new zone from reality. A feeling comparable to "surfing" ocean waves, but in a light, airy, fluffy powder surrounded by incredible scenery with a rush of adrenaline. Live elevated. Come experience the rush of Utah ski resorts!

If you've never skied, but want to experience our inceredbile snow, we recommend trying out Brighton Ski Resort. The terrain is not as steep and offers a great kiddie run. And if you're not sure you want to ski all day, it's not worth paying other resort prices when you can spend less at Brighton.  

What are the best ski resorts in Utah?

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort is one of Utah's best ski resorts.

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

    One of the more challenging resorts in Utah. It has a ton of vertical. Its the only place in the Cottonwoods with an aerial tram, giving more access. The huge terrain, along with a terrain park, make Snowbird a hot spot for snowboarders who love it. Snowbird is opening a new quad to Gad valley, Gad 2 run, which will take you to one of the best places on the mountain to ski. Some locals are not happy about this development as they've enjoyed this "secret powder spot" area of the mountain for years where tourists rarely explored. Snowbird is not as family-friendly as it is for experienced skiers. If you're a serious skier, you definitely want to go to Snowbird Utah. There is some great ski lodging in Utah near the Snowbird Ski Resort. Alta and Snowbird connect to each other and you can buy an Alta/Snowbird connection day pass.  

    • Gad 2 run (access to Gad Valley, a "local secret")
    • Mountain coaster in summer
    • Gad valley hiking and mountain biking trail (under construction)
    • Restaurant at top of Hidden Peak (tram access) with spectacular views
    Winter highlights
    • 500"+ avg. annual snowfall (most in Utah)
    • Aerial tram 
    • Biggest vertical drop 
    • the most black diamonds available in Utah
    Summer highlights
    • Mountain Coaster
    • Aerial tram rides
    • Mountain biking trails
    • Hiking trails
    • Alpine slide
    • Rope Course
    • Zipline
    • Family movie showings Saturday nights on the plaza
    • Home of Oktoberfest (German beer and food, merchandise, vendors, music, dancing - begins mid September - October)
    In winter, ski the greatest snow on earth. Snowbird averages over 500" snowfall annually. Peak size, Hidden Peak is 11,000 feet above sea level, the aerial tram is unique to Snowbird. Newly updated lift to Gad 2 lift, takes to gad Valley, new this season. The tunnel that goes through the mountain into Mineral Basin with a conveyor that takes you through it. Some of the most difficult terrain in the western hemisphere. Most resorts offer skiing, but Snowbird is unique because of it's incredible vertical drop. There are more black diamonds than any other resorts in Utah, and the snowfall is the most in Utah.
    In summer, enjoy some incredible mountain bike trails, a brand new mountain roller coaster, alpine slide, Zipline, Oktoberfest in the Fall (September-October), and Saturday night movie showings on the plaza. We recommend exploring the mountain bike trails in Peruvian gulch and Gad Valley. There is a new building being built at the top of the tram with a restaurant (due to be completed end of summer 2014).
    Local's secret tip about Snowbird: hit Gad Valley you can find some of the best powder here so on powder days, you get there before it's skied out and that entire bowl is fresh powder.

    Vacation Homes near Snowbird

    We have several ski vacation rentals located at the Oaks at Wasatch townhome community at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon 15 minutes from Snowbird Ski Resort. 
    Alta Ski Resort and ski lift.

    Alta Ski Resort

    A skier's paradise! Not for snowboarders. Alta does not allow snowboarders. It is the skiers mountain. Skiers absolutely love it. Alta is independently owned, so it has a local ski resort ambiance without being markedly corporate in nature. There are some great Utah ski accommodations near Alta Resort. Many like to ditch the snowboarders in their group at Snowbird and go to Alta (so much for family on powder days). Local's secret tip about Alta: Sugarloaf Run is a must. If you're a good skier, you'll enjoy the awesome powder in this area of the mountain. There is a quad chair, really nice little shoots you can go off on this run.

    Vacation Homes near Alta Ski Area

    We have several ski vacation rentals located at the Oaks at Wasatch townhome community at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon 20 minutes from Alta. 

    Aerial view of Solitude Ski Resort.

    Solitude Ski Resort

    Solitude offers more high-speed quads than other resorts nearby. The local secret is the beloved Honeycomb Canyon (there is always great powder..shh don't tell anyone). You can buy a Solitude/Brighton connection pass. Milk run is the secret powder run at Solitude.
    Collage of Brighton Resort, skiers, and an extreme snowboarder.

    Brighton Resort

    A favorite among locals. Brighton Ski Resort is the least expensive resort in Salt Lake area, but also has less runs. Great resort for snowboarders because of their super pipe and terrain park. Also a fantastic place for little kids because it's not as busy and offers a great ski school. Brighton is the only resort in Salt Lake County that offers night skiing, but only limited lifts are available. There is some great Utah ski vacation rentals near Brighton Resort where you can stay on your winter vacation to Utah. The ski school for kids is great because adults can get a few runs in while kids are learning to ski. 

    Local's secret tip about Brightonhit the Great Western lift, stay up top and you can find fresh powder through the trees all day long. You can drop into the trees and find fresh powder all day long - it's crazy in there.

    An extreme skier going down a steep mountain.

    Tips on finding the most cost-effective ski lodging in Utah

    1. Larger the home, better the lodging value
    2. Do you really want to pay a premium for slope-side ski-in/ski-out lodging? Consider a short drive in exchange for more value (a bigger, nicer ski home). 
    3. Consider door-to-door transportation, which picks you up right from your vacation home and gets you, your group, and your gear safely on the mountain within a few minutes. 

    Skiers and Snowboarders - battle of the mountain

    There has been a lot of animosity between the two. Skiers love Alta because there aren't snowboarders. Snowboarders, according to skiers, are known for messing up skiers' moguls and runs because they plow the snow off the runs. If people who hate snowboarders, love to go to Alta.


    First Timer's Guide to Skiing in Utah

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