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Our quality standard and attention to detail at Utah's Best Vacation Rentals takes no short cuts and far surpasses competition. Have you ever wondered what happens behind-the-scenes at Utah’s Best before a guest arrives?

We thought it might be fun to give you a little peak behind our curtain of what our whole team is doing to prepare your home for arrival.

Utahs Best Vacation Rentals

First, our trained in-house housekeepers follow a comprehensive housekeeping manual to complete the cleaning of the home to our high standard we have adopted over the course of a decade.

Second, our trained in-house maintenance techs use a detailed checklist that is designed with proactive tasks rather than reactive tasks. Their trained eye identifies loose beds, missing or burnt out light bulbs, furnace filters, clogged sinks, inoperable hot tubs, and the list goes on and on.

Third, our lawn and garden and/or snow removal crew cut and manicure the lawn, or otherwise clear any snow and apply a snow melt to avoid ice buildup.

Fourth, our in-house trash collector inspects each trash can for trash left behind by previous guests, removes the trash, takes in the cans or puts the cans out to be emptied according to the pickup schedule. This ensures you aren’t greeted with full trash cans when you arrive with a group of 20. This service we employ full-time because it can make or break your stay. This is a major difference between Utah’s Best and other lodging competition.

Fifth, our CPO-certified pool and spa technician inspects the chemistry of the water, the spa cover, and cleans the filter, making any necessary adjustments to water chemistry for your safety. This is done after every stay.

Sixth, once all is completely done and assumed ready for arrival, our version of the grand “Mary Poppins” arrives with white gloves and a treasure chest full of all her special tools and uses all her tricks to scrutinize every inch of the home, often identifying and correcting minor flaws that were overlooked.

Seventh, while all these duties are being performed concurrently, our in-house Operations Manager is orchestrating any needed pest control, heating or cooling issues, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, furniture repairs or replacements, or completing any wear and tear items reported from maintenance during their inspection. In addition, our in-house furniture and design team is frequently updating furniture, interior styles, and then scheduling, staging, and shooting new virtual photography tours for all the marketing team to update across all marketing.

Wheww. Wow, that’s alot! Yes, we know. And it’s repeated for each and every arrival.

And yet, when our whole team and multiple trained eyes have prepared for your arrival and done hours of combined work, a random bug appears in the window, a light bulb decides its life is over, or a cute little spider decides the wonderful warmth of the home is a perfect place to take up residency. But, can you really blame him? Perfection is our goal, but as hard as we try, nothing is ever perfect. But not to worry, our team is in place during your entire stay to ensure any surprises are addressed quickly so you can continue enjoying your stay with us.

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