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Utah State Capitol Building with Mountains

Salt Lake City is known worldwide for its proximity to mountain fun, but most people don’t realize that the city provides direct access to hikes 

Even more people don’t realize how perfect fall is for hiking in Salt Lake City! Gorgeous fall foliage is in...

Bryce Canyon Overlook

One of the most rewarding day-trips from St. George, Utah? Bryce Canyon National Park. It’s a mini-but-mighty, family-friendly red rock wonderland unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

I know people throw around the term “must-see” pretty often, but honestly, this place is exactly that!


Jingle song of Utah's Best Vacation Rentals

A throwback from our past history.

A few years ago in our earlier years as a company, we thought it would be fun to create a catchy song that highlighted reasons why people should consider staying in our vacation homes in Utah. One of our...

our Safety & Health Tips

Source: www.atlastravelweb.comCrime

Crimes against travelers are crimes of opportunity. To play it safe, here are some steps to follow:

Whenever possible, ensure that your hotel room has a peephole, a deadbolt lock, or a chain-and-slide bolt. If you travel with...