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12 Jan 2023
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If you are looking for a fun place to stay near Vida Sol in southern Utah (Washington / Sand Hollow area), then we’ve got a treat for you. Does a townhouse with everything from Xbox One & games, a foosball and ping pong table, and a backyard spa sound appealing? Well, if the answer to that question is already a yes, then you should definitely check out our St. George Vida Sol townhomes overview and find out more!


Stellar amenities

To start our St. George Vida Sol townhomes overview, we must mention the fantastic amenities the place boasts. Each unit has a private hot tub, a two-car garage, and a driveway for two more vehicles. In addition to this, the units come with an outdoor living area which is separated for privacy and has a fire pit! Whether you want to relax, throw a little gathering and make barbeque, or whatever else you can think of, you can! To top all the more private amenities, we have more shared amenities. There is public and limited RV parking, gazebos, and community sitting areas. If you want to spend a day enjoying the company and some water sports, the pool area has you covered! You’ll have everything you need if you rent out a St. George Vida Sol townhome.


A flawless stay

The rooms themselves also require special mention. First, you must know that the buildings are all very new. The first completed townhouses came up in 2020, so their design and furnishing are up-to-date and in perfect condition. They are also very much in line with the current real estate trends, which means that the space is roomy, stylish, and perfectly cozy. They also have rooms for everything you want to do during your stay. There are rooms to entertain guests, spend leisure time, and even get a bit of privacy and rest up. The luxurious bathrooms will make you feel like you are at a spa center rather than a vacation rental! Even if you go into the experience of staying at St. George Vida Sol townhomes with extremely high expectations, you won’t be disappointed.


Flexible and competitive rates

Another important thing we need to mention in our St. George Vida Sol townhomes overview is the fantastic rates on offer. The rates depend on the unit, date, and individual requirements of the renter. They are also offered on a nightly or weekly basis, affecting the unit's price. Finally, additional services and fees are needed, such as cleaning fees and taxes. So, if you are looking for ways to save on your vacation rental, there are ways to do that here! Depending on what sort of services and units you want, you can reasonably develop a decent package that will meet all your needs and be affordable. The best part of the deal is that you can freely negotiate and get a custom solution. 


Guaranteed privacy and relaxation

Since the townhouses are located on the grounds dedicated to their development and the entire establishment is carefully run, you will not be running into anyone who isn’t a guest like you or people who outright own one of the townhouses. This means that you don’t need to deal with crowds, obnoxious tourists, and other such unpleasant encounters when all you’re trying to do is relax during a long weekend or a holiday. We already mentioned that most of the really important amenities are available in your townhouse itself. This means that you can reasonably spend most of your time at Vida Sol just relaxing inside and still have an amazing experience. Of course, it pays to give the rest of the place a shot and truly explore, but ultimately it comes down to how you organize your time.


A chance to check out the area

It may or may not shock you that you can purchase some of the townhouses! That’s right; if you decide you like the resort enough, you can make it your home permanently. Of course, this means you want to make full use of your stay to decide whether you’d like to do so. And, if you’ve come across Vida Sol townhouses in your best Utah properties research, it will likely be a relief to know that you can get such a complete experience of what it’s like to live there before you have to commit to a purchase. The local amenities do make it a breeze to move in permanently. Everything that the experts from US Moving Experts recommend you scope out, like storage units, cleaning services, and such, can be easily found here. So, if you like the place, don’t hesitate!


You, nature, and fun activities

The final thing we need to emphasize in our St. George Vida Sol townhomes overview is the beauty of the location. If you go out of your way to get a vacation rental, you want to be certain that you are getting your money’s worth. And if everything else in our overview hasn’t convinced you already, then the sheer beauty of the location once you see it will! The desert scenery. The picturesque townhouses. Even the comfort of being able to just dip inside a pool even during the hottest hours of the day. They all come together to provide a visitor with a unique and mesmerizing experience.


A stay to remember

We hope that our St. George Vida Sol townhomes overview has managed to properly convey just how promising these properties are! This is one of the best places you can possibly stay during a weekend trip or a longer holiday, and the expense is definitely worth it. Whether you are planning to stay here with your family or just to get away from everything and relax, you can’t go wrong by choosing a Vida Sol townhome.

Beautiful Kitchen

Backyard Oasis

Private Hot Tub

Beautiful Master Suite

Community Pool

Garage with Ping Pong