Posted on 2/29/2024 by Brad Winget

One Last Hurrah Before Your Kid Goes To College

As children prepare to embark on their college journey, families often find themselves at a crossroads. This transitional period is a crucial time for bonding and creating lasting memories. Family vacations can play a significant role in reinforcing these connections, offering a unique opportunity to spend quality time together before the inevitable changes that college life brings. Here's why family time is so important before kids leave for college and how to plan vacations that help make amazing memories.

The Importance of Family Time Before College:

1. Strengthening Bonds: The teenage years can be challenging for both parents and children. A family vacation provides a neutral ground for rebuilding and strengthening relationships, allowing for open communication and shared experiences.

2. Creating Lasting Memories: The memories made during family vacations become even more valuable when children leave for college. These shared experiences can be a source of comfort and nostalgia during times of homesickness or stress.

3. Offering Support: The transition to college life can be overwhelming. Spending quality time together before this transition can reassure children that they have a strong support system back home.

4. Encouraging Independence: While it may seem counterintuitive, family vacations can also foster independence. Encouraging children to take part in planning activities or exploring new places can build confidence and decision-making skills.

Planning Vacations that Support Family Bonding:

1. Involve Everyone in Planning: Make the vacation planning process a collaborative effort. Allowing children to have a say in the destination or activities can increase their excitement and investment in the trip.

2. Choose Activities that Foster Togetherness: Opt for destinations or activities that encourage teamwork and interaction. Whether it's a hiking trip, a beach getaway, or exploring a new city, make sure there are plenty of opportunities for shared experiences.

3. Disconnect to Reconnect: Encourage everyone to take a break from their digital devices. Unplugging from social media and emails can help family members be more present and engaged with each other.

4. Create Traditions: Establishing vacation traditions can create a sense of continuity and anticipation for future trips. Whether it's a special meal, a group activity, or a souvenir collection, these traditions can become cherished family occasions.

5. Reflect and Share: Set aside time during or after the vacation to reflect on the experiences shared. Encourage each family member to talk about their favorite moments, what they learned, or how they felt during the trip.


As children prepare to leave for college, family vacations become more than just a break from routine. They are a vital opportunity to strengthen bonds, create lasting memories, and provide a sense of support and continuity. By planning vacations that prioritize togetherness and meaningful experiences, families can make the most of this precious time before their children embark on their next big adventure. For the perfect home base for one of these vacations, check out our vacation rentals!

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