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3 Apr 2023
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Any time spent with your family is golden, no matter what you do. But how about turning it into some precious and unforgettable memories? There are numerous family-friendly activities in St. George to choose from when you have time to devote to the most important people in your life. Here is our list of the seven best ones you shouldn’t pass on.

1. Take the whole family to a baseball game

Sport has that wonderful ability to entertain and connect all ages. Taking the whole family to a sports game and being part of that particular euphoria is something inexplicable. In St. George, seeing a baseball game is a great way to spend your free afternoon. In February, there’s an annual high-school baseball tournament you and your kids will enjoy watching. There are other tournaments throughout the year, so if you like this game, it would be great to share your passion for it with your family.

2. Fiesta Fun Family Center – a place you’ll go back to over and over

If you are looking for a way to convince your kids that making a long-distance move to St. Georga is a good idea, take them to Fiesta Fun Family Center. One visit to this place, and you can start to plan out the relocation process and the long distance move, knowing everyone will be on board. This is one of those venues where it’s so overwhelmingly fun that you’ll have to stop to take your breath from time to time. With bowling lanes, a large laser tag arena, mini-golf courses, and the largest arcade in Southern Utah, there’s no way to get bored. And those are not even all of the activities that are available at this fun place. The only problem is that you’ll have to take your kids back here another time. It’s that fun; they’ll never stop babbling about it. And frankly, neither will you. Simply speaking, it’s a venue where you will definitely have fun.

3. Go to Escape Room to give your mind a bit of a workout

Escape rooms have gained popularity in the past decade, and with a good reason. They offer a different and exciting way to bond with your family members. And they are a great way to spend your free afternoons on days when the weather is awful. A group of people enters a room where they have to find various clues to discover a password that unlocks the door to get out of there. With the time limit and interesting design, it becomes an adrenaline rush with a twist – you must use your brain. It is as useful for one’s development of thinking as it is for fun—a great activity for those with kids who like mind games and a movie plot.

4. A game of pickleball at Desert Rose Park – super fun!

Desert Rose Park offers great family-friendly activities in St. George and is a great place to be for many reasons. You can go there on hot days with lots of sunshine because the park is almost entirely shaded. Apart from the regular things one can do at any park, this one is special because it has a pickleball court. In case you don’t already know, this interesting sport involves hitting a plastic ball with holes with a paddle over a net. You must try it as it does not require any special level of fitness or skill to enjoy it fully.

Another great pickleball mecca if you're staying at Paradise Village at Zion are the several pickleball courts next door in Gubler Park. They also stay lit at night for more evening fun as a family.  

5. Hiking is one of the best family-friendly activities in St. George

Some like running marathons, and that is quite formidable. But most of us prefer the good old hiking, and doing it as a family makes it all the more enjoyable. This is oneof the healthiest activities you can do; any doctor will confirm it. It does not put any strain on your body, yet it gets you to be active just enough for your body’s needs. Here are several hiking trails in St. George that you can explore:

  • Temple Quarry Loop. This can be classified as an easy trail that will take an hour or so to complete. It is 2.21 miles long and features lava rocks and mostly flat terrain with some stairs.
  • The Gap Trailhead. If you are short on time but would like to get some fresh air and stretch your legs, this is a trail for you. It is only 0.8 miles long but set in Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, making it picturesque and photo-friendly.
  • Kannarville Falls. When a place is so popular that it requires getting a permit to visit, you know it is worth it. Kannarville Falls, aka Kanarra Creek, is a water hike and not the easiest one out there, but it is still an amazing experience to visit. It’s not for families with small children, but those with teens keen on adventures and sports are perfect for it.

6. St. George Children's Museum will make your kids fall in love with St. George

When you have to move to a different city, your kids go through a stressful adaptation period. Often, the younger ones resist the idea. For that reason, as many of the moving companies at Best Movers NYC advise their clients with children, it would be best if you could make them fall in love with the new town you are relocating to before the big day. St. George Children’s Museum can help you a lot with that. It is a beautiful place that nurtures creativity in children and offers amusing games and activities in a very imaginative environment. Even if convincing your kids that St. George is a cool city is not on your menu, going to this wonderful venue is a good idea.

7. Sand Hollow State Park will fill your veins with adrenaline

Families with older kids and those that love to spend their summer days actively with a lot of adrenaline in their veins will love this park. The stunning view it offers will swipe you off your feet, as will all the activities that are this park’s trademark. Cliff jumping is one of them, and your teen will be ecstatic about it. Jet skiing is also available here, and so is boating. There is a golf course as well for those that are not as keen on these other more extreme things. All in all, a place to revisit for sure.

Stay in St. George

There are some fantastic family-friendly activities in St. George, and they are diverse enough to accommodate the needs of everyone. But here’s some advice: Don’t just stick to what you’re used to. Try out something new as well. Let this city get you out of your comfort zone and open horizons you never knew you’d love. 

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