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4 Aug 2020
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Although St. George, Utah has comfortable weather almost year-round, we like to add a little extra comfort by heating our pools and water features. 

The Paradise Falls upper pool and all hot tubs are heated year-round, so you'll have fun no matter when you come to Paradise Village, but our waterpark and lower pool have different heating schedules throughout the year. 

See all the details below:



Paradise Falls upper pool & hot tub: heated year-round

Kids’ Cove hot tub: heated year-round

Paradise Falls lower pool, kids’ cove slides & lazy river:

  • January: not heated
  • February: heated 12th- 21st 
  • March: heated 5th- 31st 
  • April through September: heated all month
  • October: heated 1st-17th 
  • November: heated 24th- 28th 
  • December: not heated




Kids’ cove slide pumps hours (slides are closed when the pumps are off)

  • January: Closed
  • February-May 21st: Noon-5pm when heated
  • May 22nd-September 30th: 9am-8pm
  • October: Noon-6pm when heated
  • November: Noon-5pm when heated



1. Paradise Village pool areas are under 24-hour live and recorded video surveillance.
2. Swim at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty. In case of emergency call 911.
3. Pools close at 10:00pm. Pools are monitored by camera after hours. Anyone found in the pool areas after hours is trespassing and the HOA may choose to press charges.
5. Do not climb or swing on gates. Do not prop gates open.
6. Paradise village owners association requires that all children age 3 and under must wear a swim.
7. Diaper, regardless of whether they are potty trained. Additionally, all children not potty trained are required to wear a 2nd layer waterproof swim pant with fitted waist and leg over swim diaper.
8. There is no alcohol permitted in the pool area. Smoking and drugs are prohibited.
9. There is no outside food or drink permitted within the pool gates at the Kids’ Cove.
10. Bottles or food for infants will be permitted.
11. Residents and guests 15 years and younger must be supervised by an adult (18 or older). Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the hot tubs.
12. Slides are designed for ages 16 and under. Exception made for parents sliding with small children.
13. No boisterous or rough play. No running, excessive splashing or excessive noise. Please be courteous to other guests.
14. Swimwear must be appropriate for a family swimming environment. Guests may be asked to change swimwear if not within these standards.
15. When exiting, clean up, remove all personal belongings and trash, securely close all gates.

For assistance with pool areas contact:

Sand Shack Management

HOA Management

Poolside WIFI Passwords

Paradise Falls: PVZclubhouse

Kids’ Cove: pvzguest

Pool Map