St. George Hiking Trails

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Because winters are mild in St. George, hiking is pleasant year-round. Spring and fall are ideal times to hike, and many winter days are very pleasant. During summer, daytime temperatures can get really hot but hiking is enjoyable in the morning hours.

Best Hiking Trails near St. George Utah

Whiptail Trail
This is a popular trail for bikers, joggers, and hikers. The taril itself is wider and paved and follows the bottom of Snow Canyon.

Lava Flow Overlook Trail
Short trail that takes hikers from just below the junction of Snow Canyon Drive.

Johnson Canyon Trail
Short and exciting hike right at the mouth of Snow Canyon State Park. Natural spring, black lava flows, red rock walls.

Petrified Dunes Trail
This trail is located in Snow Canyon State Park and takes hikers through rugged terrain that consists of the once-flowing mountains of sandstone

Cinder Cone Trail
Takes hikers to the rim of one of Washington County's beautiful cinder cones.

West Canyon

Red Cliffs

Three Ponds

Water Canyon to Top Rock