Little Cottonwood Canyon: Lake Mary- Grizzly Gulch

Location: Alta ski area, above Salt Lake City in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

This hike is located between the ends of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, in the midst of the Brighton and Alta ski areas. It is a very pretty area, with many alpine lakes and green meadows, but unfortunately the presence of so much commercial activity has inevitably degraded the area’s hiking potential.
Length: 6.4 miles (plus 2.5 miles by bicycle)
Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation Change: 1,370 ft. gain, 2,030 ft. loss
Catherine Pass Trailhead (start): 9,400 ft.
Catherine Pass: 10,220 ft.
Lake Mary: 9,520 ft.
Twin Peaks Pass Trailhead: 8,740 ft.
Time To Allow: 4 1/4 hours
Season: Summer through mid-fall (usually covered with snow until
late June)