Build a Vacation Home in Utah

There has never been a better time to own a vacation home. Improve your quality of life while covering your mortgage, paying down the principle, while enjoying the benefits of owning a turn-key, professionally managed 2nd home and investment property. It can cashflow depending on the down payment, financing terms, uniqueness, and amenities selected. This is why UBVR is so invaluable to owners. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be what makes your property outperform other competition. Contact us below to get started!

Building a vacation home in Utah can be so rewarding - and fun! Not to mention what a great investment opportunity it can be over time. Finding the perfect location to build a vacation home in Utah can be challenging, but we can help. We can help you design the perfect purpose-built vacation home that can also be rented year round in our rental pool to generate cash flow and income when you are not using it.

Purpose-Built Vacation Homes

A purpose-built vacation home is a vacation home that has been purposely designed with vacationers and travelers in mind. It is strategically setup for groups and families to be together. Specific design elements are taken into consideration with a purpose-built vacation home.


We have developed custom vacation home floor plans purposely designed for vacationing travelers in groups of all sizes. We understand what the traveler is looking for based on our successful rental history over many years and can help you decide which plan works best for you. Ramblers - great for small to medium-sized groups

Townhomes - great for mid-size groups

Dual-sided Duplexes - great for large groups: These models are designed for maximum sleeping capacity. Typically, these homes generate the largest rental income and occupancy throughout the year.


Large rooms in a purpose-built vacation home are important because they are inviting and make the home a comfortable accommodation to gather and enjoy a vacation.


A kitchen without enough places to sit is useless when you're trying to enjoy a vacation as a group. We design our dining spaces to be inclusive and inviting. Large bar seating areas, large and accommodating dining tables, open concept spaces and unique appliances that excite. There is so much that goes into the perfect kitchen for a purpose-built vacation home. Let us help you.  


We've all stayed in vacation rentals that "pack you in" with the beds in a room only suitable for one bed. Creative use of room space to maximize sleeping capacity can greatly benefit the marketability and overall perceived value of the purpose-built vacation home. Decisions such as where and when to use a queen bed or two twins, what scenarios justify use of a bunk bed as opposed to a fold-down futon or sofa sleeper are just some of the expertise we can help with. Navigating these all-important decisions without help can be daunting and can be the difference of thousands in annual rental income or none at all.


How important is hot tub for a vacation home? How about a private pool? We know the answer. What justifies buying an expensive spa or not? Can a foosball or billiards table make a difference in rental income? Knowing the answers to whether to supply one amenity over another can make or break your purpose-built vacation home investment and its cash flow potential. We will help you package a perfect vacation home that stands out and excites travelers.  


Can allowing pets in your newly-built vacation home benefit occupancy, rate, and overall income? We know the answer. A well-thought out pet strategy can be the difference between breaking even and profitability. But, not setting it up the right way with the right policies and insurance coverage only brings headaches and damages to repair.

Furniture and Design

Our sister company Utah's Best Furniture and Design provides the full package starting with interior design planning, walking you through each room and setting the home up properly. Then furnishings, decor, gaming tables, linens, bedding, and accents are selected in a strategic way. Our team's portfolio of completed homes is quite impressive. Have a look at our work on our furniture and design Facebook page.

Advantages of a Purpose-Built Vacation Home by Utah's Best Vacation Rentals

  • Increased year round rental income vs. long-term tenancy
  • Targets an emerging trend in multi-generational gatherings and Group travelers
  • Designed for groups and families which provided unbeatable value
  • Strategic design and construction that boost occupancy and are based on guest surveys
  • Custom furnishings and décor designed for max occupancy and maximized revenue
  • Leading edge electronics and equipment
  • Convenient access to the greatest snow on earth
  • Close proximity to everything Utah has to offer; National Parks, State Parks, Park City, Historic sites, endless outdoor recreational activities.

Have you always wanted to own your own vacation home in Utah?

Our expert designers can help you plan and layout your vacation home to make it what guests says they want. We have designed custom floor plans suitable for group travel and families. Building a purpose-built vacation home in Utah provides many advantages for owners.

Build vacation home in Utah's top vacation destinations

  • Bear Lake (Utah's favorite mountain-Caribbean lake)


Build a vacation home at Ocotillo Springs Townhomes, Vida Sol Townhomes, or Sage Creek at Moab

Purpose-built vacation home lots are for sale. For home prices, floor plans, and community details call (801) 270-8243

Build your dream Utah vacation home today - we can help

Don't build a vacation home in Utah without our help if you plan to rent it and maximize rental income year round. We are the vacation home experts in Utah.

For more information about building a vacation home, contact our Utah's Best Vacation Rentals Real Estate Team (801) 270-8243

Brad Explains Purpose-Built Vacation Rentals

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