Utah Family Reunion Services

Family reunions are what we do! We accommodate families in our large vacation homes all year round. Families gather in Utah each year, but especially in summer months. Our spacious family-friendly vacation homes make it easy to gather together all in one home or large yard and become closer as a family.

Plan your Utah Family Reunion

We offer several family reunion services to help make planning your next reunion easier - and draw a big turnout of family members who are excited to attend and bring everyone. Our goal is to make your next reunion unforgettable. We have all the resources to help make that happen.

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Utah Family Reunion Services


Family Reunion Services Available to Plan the Perfect Utah Family Reunion

Capturing Family Memories

Family pictures, portrait photography, and videography. Our photographer will come to your vacation home and do family portraits in the backyard, in the home, or shoot video footage that can be put to music and copied for everyone to enjoy cherished family memories.
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Family Portrait Photography For Utah Family Reunions


Scenic On-Location Photography

Our freelance photographer can meet you in the mountains during any season, in a park, at a special venue or location and do a wonderful family portrait for the whole family. 

Reunion Meal Planning

Private Chef

Signature made-to-order family-style meals, cooking workshops, family cooking tutorials, fun family-building ideas include learning to make bread or rolls together in your vacation home, or having the chef help the whole family learn how perfect Grandma's famous family recipe.

Private Chef for Utah Family Reunion



Catered barbecues, dinners, lunches, breakfast, dessert bars, mobile bar service, and holiday feasts for any group size. View more information on catering

Catering for Utah Family Reunion


Prepared Freezer Meals

Prepared freezer meals such as lasagna, meatloaf, casseroles, pasta dishes, chili, soups, salads, desserts and more.


Groceries Delivered

Avoid Costco when time spent with family is why you're here in the first place. We will deliver your grocery list to your vacation home and have all the food and beverages stocked in the refrigerator and cupboards before you arrive. Surprise your entire family with each of their favorite treats and foods or drinks when they all arrive. It's a great way to start off your family reunion.
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Grocery Delivery for a Utah Family Reunion



Fun Family Reunion Activity Ideas

Yard Games Rentals

We rent yard games for families to enjoy backyard volleyball, badminton, croquet, horseshoes, water slip 'n slide, and other fun games that encourage family participation from everyone, bring out people's fun personalities, and are sure to make a great family-building experience.

Family Adventure Tours

One of the funnest things to do on a family reunion is take the whole group on one of our adventure tours. River rafting, fly fishing, paragliding, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, or sail the Great Salt Lake and experience the spectacular sunset.
View our adventure packages and book yours today


Day at Seven Peaks Resort Water Park

Gather grandma and grandpa, all the cousins, dad, mom, and all your brothers and sisters and enjoy a day the water park. We sell Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes that offer unlimited admission to Seven Peaks Salt Lake Water Park or Provo Seven Peaks Water Park. Race down the fun water slides, or soak in the lazy river. Rent a pavilion with picnic tables and have a barbecue lunch fully catered with chicken, brisket, ribs, with all the fixins'. How fun would it be to watch Grandpa go down the water slide with the grand kids? 
View Seven Peaks Pass of ALL Passes information

Utah Family Reunion Seven Peaks Water Park Activity


Family Campout - Gather Around The Campfire

Retreat to the mountains for a night or two on a fun camping outing. Pitch tents, roast marshmallows, cook a tinfoil dinner over the campfire, and tell stories of all your cherished family memories. We can offer several campground suggestions that families love and are accommodating for groups. There are several nearby campgrounds within 30 minutes of our family reunion vacation homes.



Family Pool House Fun

Rent our family reunion vacation home with a swimming pool and enjoy poolside barbecues, family marco polo, water volleyball tournament, and forge stronger family relationships as you splash away and enjoy each other's company.  View family reunion vacation home with swimming pool

Salt Lake City Family Reunion Rental Home with Swimming Pool

Salt Lake Sightseeing Tours on an Open-Air Bus

Board the whole family in our 60 passenger open-air tour bus and check out the sights of Salt Lake or Park City. Complete with on-board commentary, your family will enjoy seeing famous Temple Square, City Creek Center, historic sites, Governor's Mansion, This is the Place Heritage Park, Hogle Zoo, Museum of Natural History, or the ski resorts and scenic drives through the canyon fall colors. View more information on our city sightseeing tours 

Salt Lake sightseeing tour for Utah family reunion activity   

Amusement Parks in Utah 

A fun family reunion activity is a day at one of Utah's fantastic amusement parks. Utah offers Lagoon amusement park with wild thrill rides, unique places to see, water parks, fun centers, mountain coasters, and Alpine slides. View full directory of Utah amusement parks


Scrapbooking Party / Arts & Crafts

Gather your creative family members for a fun arts and crafts night scrapbooking together. Create custom frames for your favorite photos, compile photos and stories of each other into a book you can cherish for years to come, or gather family history information on family members you never met or learned new things about. This family activity is one guests really enjoy.


With world-class shopping malls and destination outlet malls within minutes of out Salt Lake City vacation homes, why not gather all the shopaholics in your family and take a day of shopping together. Make a game out of it. See who can buy the most amount of items for $20, or have a gift exchange for the whole family that involves buying a gift you think might have meaning to your other family members. Shopping in Salt Lake and Park City makes such a great family reunion activity for everyone. View more information on shopping

Family Ping Pong and Games Tournament

Our family reunion vacation homes offer ping pong tables, billiards, foosball, air hockey, and even poker tables. Host a family ping pong or other game tournament. See who is the best ping pong player int he family, or dethrone the long-time champion. Host a family bingo game, or a volleyball tournament in the backyard. See who is the best at billiards, or who has the best luck at poker. How about enjoying our movie theater to play name that show, or other fun games that involve several family members. Whatever game you choose, this is a fun, inexpensive way to have fun as a family while on vacation in on of our vacation homes in Utah.

Ping Pong Games for Utah Family Reunion

Boating Day Trips / Day on the Lake

Can mom water ski or slalom? Do the kids love water weenies or tubing? Take the family to the lake and enjoy a fully chartered boating trip for 1/2 day or full day. Hang out on the beach while others go out on the boat or watercraft, enjoy your time together as a family in the mountain lakes of Utah. It is sure to be an unforgettable day event on your next family reunion. View boating trip and boating rentals information. View boating trip package information

Utah boating trips for family reunion.jpg

Utah boating day trip for family reunion

Bounce House Rentals 

The kids at your reunion will go nuts when they show up to see an inflatable bounce house. We rent bounce houses and other inflatables to make it more fun for everyone. Our large homes have space in the yard to setup medium size inflatable bounce houses or moonwalkers. It's a great way to liven the children's mood and break the ice with all the kids in the family who may not know each other. Plus it gives adults time to mingle alone and forge new relationships and catch up on old times.  
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Bring the entertainment to your family reunion! We offer face painters, balloon artists, comedians, jugglers, magicians, clowns, characters, caricature artists and more hourly or longer. Capture a funny cartoon image of your parents or grandparents, cousins, uncles or aunts, or that one family member who everyone loves. Liven the party and the spirits of your family who you haven't seen in years. Engage the "duds" the family who really might care less to be there.
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Holiday Family Reunions in Utah

Host a holiday family reunion for Christmas, New Years, President's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or any other holiday. We can help make it festive. Whether you want a fully decorated home for Christmas with Christmas tree and presents, or fireworks for the 4th of July, we can help make it all happen. We can even suggest the best places to see free firework shows as a family nearby.
This is the Place Heritage Park
Mormon, LDS Family Reunion, Temple Square, Family History
Meeting space
Event Space
Reunion Venue where we can all gather
Slumber Parties


More Family Reunion Activity Ideas

List of Miscellaneous Activities

Talent show
Family dance (limbo, rumba, etc.)
Comedy show
Solve brainteasers
Scavenger hunt
Treasure hunt
Gift exchange (esp. Christmas)
Stupid human tricks
Make your own spook alley
Scary midnight walk (or run)
Play or pageant
Group birthday party
Crafts—paint rocks, beadwork, etc.Puzzle (community effort)
Fashion show (funny fashions or imitate family members)
Dunking pool
Make a movie
Paint a mural
Band or chamber orchestra
Jug band 
Teddy bear picnic or doll tea party
Personifications (of family members or celebrities)
Barbie doll fest (for little girls, of course)
Blanket toss
Costume party
Makeovers (teens love it)
Work or service projects 
Clapping games (such as Peas Porridge Hot)
Visiting rotation (each family has 10 minutes with every other family)
Outside entertainment
Hot air balloon
Phony dictionary definitions (called balderdash)
BingoTag (various kinds)
Board games
Kids card games (Rook, etc.)
Spin the bottle (with acceptable forfeits)
Traditional kids playground games Mother May I, Red Rover, Hide and Seek, etc.)
Miniature golf
Arm wrestling
Chin ups
Push ups, etc.
Cousin look-alikes
Eating contests—watermelon, etc.Trivia—family and regular
Beanbag toss
Mix up families—let someone try to straighten them out
Spelling bee
Human knots
Hide money in a sawdust pile and let kids scramble for it
Catch a greased pig or something else that runs away
Tape money on something that runs
Do something the longest—hold breath, put hand in ice water, etc.
Ten people standing on a blanket—they have to turn it over without stepping off
Partner has to feed you blindfolded (first team done wins)
Song, poem, or limerick writing contest
Relays (egg toss, egg in spoon, run and dress up—run back, transfer water, etc.)
High jump
Broad jump
Three-legged race
Sack race
Crab race
Wheelbarrow race
5K Outings
Tour of BYU or other campus
Theme park
Water park
Factory, bakery, etc.
Fish hatchery
Botanical garden, atrium, etc.Zoo
Outdoor concert
Tourist sites in the area
Beach, lake, park, campground, etc.Spook alley, haunted house or maize


Get-Acquainted Activities


Name tags 
Skits from each family
Baby or child photo contest
Scrapbook pages from each family
Poster from each family
Write down one thing you’ve done—other guess who did it
List items and find someone who fits into that blank
Pair up and tell about each other to the group
Sports Activities
Basketball (can be a 3 on 3 tournament, etc.)
Football—use family rules
Golf tournament (may not be practical—but a lot of families I surveyed have one)


Outdoor Activities


Jet skiing
Wave running
Four wheeling
White water rafting
Sand castle building
Cliff jumping (into water)
Wake boarding
Surf boarding
Knee boarding
Water skiing
Ice block sledding
Snow sledding
Water fight (balloons?)
Trampoline rodeo
Ropes course
Rope swing
Zip line
Hay or wagon ride
Mud wrestling
Street bowling
Home run derby
Obstacle course
Alpine slide

Plan your unforgettable reunion today!
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