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Enjoy catered meals in the comfort of your vacation home while being together. Many times you'll end up spending about as much by dining out anyway. Why not relax and enjoy amazing cuisine in your vacation home? 

Avoid shopping for food only to waste it. Our local catering partners offer guests a unique meal service. Catered meals are delivered ready-to-eat with disposable plates, utensils, and napkins. They can even bring their bar or desserts to your vacation home for a fun night. Simply choose the meals you want below and add them to your reservation.


Catering Options

* Catered poolside backyard barbecue
* Wake up to a hot breakfast buffet ready to eat
* Hosting a family reunion? Family-style catered buffet meals or freezer-ready meals delivered 
* Ski all day and return home to enjoy amazing ready-to-eat meals 

catered holiday meal for guests at Utah's Best Vacation Rentals
*Now offering new this year*
Perfect for your Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation!
$20.00-$50.00 person + tax & gratuity
Feast includes:

-Turkey (carved, both light & dark meat)
-Mashed potatoes with turkey gravy
-Cranberry sauce
-Plates, napkins, silverware
*Add apple or pumpkin pie $4 more per person             

1 week notice needed, get your orders placed today! 

Madeline's catering for guests at Utah's Best Vacation Rentals



$9.99-$25.99 person , add juice $3-6 person
-Your choice of ham, sausage or bacon
-Your choice of pancakes, french toast or waffles
-Served with hash browns

*Popular among skiers who want an early ready-to-eat hot breakfast prior to hittin' the slopes


Madeline's catering for guests at Utah's Best Vacation Rentals



$11.99-$29.99 person, add drink $2-7 person
Click to select lunch menu options



$10.00-$65.99 person, add drink $2-8 person 
Click to select dinner menu options




catered holiday meal for guests at Utah's Best Vacation Rentals



Bring the bar to you!
A fun on-site bartender with drink mixing provided.
Price varies based on selections.
Call 1-800-410-2251 for pricing

*A guest favorite at our pool house or estates!






$11.99-$25.99 person, add additional items $3.50-$7.50 person
Choose 4: Hot wings, spinach and artichoke dip, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, vegetable platter, potato skins, chicken skewers, steak skewers, vegetable, meat and cheese tray.



$10.99-$19.99 person, add additional items $3.50-$8.50 person
Choose 4: Assorted cookies, brownies, mini eclaires, mini cake-bites, mini cupcakes, cheesecake bites, assorted cake bites, fruit and dip platter.

*Prices include disposable plates, utensils, and napkins
*Prices are subject to 7.85% tax, 20% gratuity, and $25 delivery fee


What Guests Say About Our Catering...

"Thank you for your business and attention to details in all that you offer your guests. I did not want to cook on Sunday morning because of fatigue, but desired that the family enjoy a nice breakfast. We ordered breakfast to be brought in, but never heard what restaurant it came from. The fruit platters were plentiful, quiches lasted 3 days, and so did the muffins. The price seemed high initially, but the quality and freshness proved to be worth it."     -Patricia Sharpe (stayed at Riviera Retreat Dec. 9-15, 2014)