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Crime Prevention

Crimes against travelers are crimes of opportunity. To play it safe, here are some steps to follow:

Whenever possible, ensure that your hotel room has a peephole, a deadbolt lock, or a chain-and-slide bolt. If...

Temple Square | Things to Do in Salt Lake City - Utah's Best Vacation Rentals

Grand Canyon? SeaWorld? Hawaii?

NO!  Salt Lake City.

According to Forbes Traveler, it seems millions more prefer Salt Lake City and the beautiful Temple Square, home of the Mormon Church, over these incredible USA destinations! In fact, Temple Square draws in over 5 million visitors...

Sand Hollow State Park | Things to Do in St. George Utah - Utah's Best Vacation Rentals
Snow in Utah - Utah's Best Vacation Rentals

SLC, UT On a day that started with wet roads and overcast cloud cover, the powder gods have sure blessed us in Utah and at all the ski resorts since. Currently over 2 feet of fresh new powder has fallen at all major ski resorts...