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29 Dec 2022
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Utah offers some of the best vacation spots in the United States. Between the beautiful landscape and even better weather, it's easy to see why someone would want to vacation here. While Utah has quite a few fantastic spots, Paradise Village at Zion in St. George is our top recommendation. Standing out as one of the best places to unwind and enjoy yourself, it's a wonderful location. And to top it off, it's an excellent location for both solo and family vacations. Today we'll go through an overview of this beautiful resort and what exactly makes it one of the best vacation spots in Utah.

About St. George Paradise Village at Zion

First, we need to talk a bit more about the resort itself. When planning a vacation here, you can rent a 3-bedroom or up to a 9-bedroom floor plan. The floor plans also include bathrooms for each bedroom, fully-stocked full kitchens, and they usually come with other features such as hot tubs, game rooms, patios with barnecues and fire pits. This means that no matter how big your family is, this resort will be able to accommodate all of you with lots of fun things to do together. In addition, all of the places to stay in the resort are very highly rated and beautiful. In fact, Paradise Vilalge won the 2019 Best of State Award for the best resort in Utah.

All in all, no matter the size or needs of your family, there is a rental in the resort which can suit your tastes. Of course, many people here have also said the resort has their dream vacation homes. And since its inception, the resort has coaxed quite a few people into buying these homes.


What can you do in Paradise Village at Zion?

Within the resort itself, you have quite a few options when it comes to things to do. There is a clubhouse with two pools and hot tub, walking trails with a lot of open space, a city park next door with several pickleball courts, sand volleyball court and a playground. If you're into sportier entertainment, you can also find four baseball fields at Gubler Park. However, if you're here with family, you'll want to pay a visit to the family favorites in Paradise Village. The Lazy River is perfect for relaxation, and kids love the variety of waterslides available in Paradise Village. And, of course, the Santa Clara community is a favorite of pretty much any family which comes to Paradise Village. All in all, Paradise Village has something to do for everyone. So we're confident you won't be disappointed by the entertainment offered here if you plan a vacation to this wonderful spot in Utah.


What can you do near St. George Paradise Village at Zion?

Besides all the things available within St. George Paradise Village, there are quite a few things to do outside of it. As a matter of fact, it's what's close to the resort that attracts people to the area, and some even decide to stay for it. There are tons and tons of golf courses, but that is only the beginning. So, why don't we have a closer look at what's near Paradise Village?


St. George, Utah

Paradise Village is only minutes away from St. George, a beautiful Utah city with plenty to do. If you ever find yourself wanting something different during your vacation, you are only a short drive away from this gorgeous city. As a matter of fact, experts from USA Moving Reviews note that quite a few clients they've helped wanted to move to St. George, specifically to be close to Paradise Village. Which, if we're being honest, is quite a glowing review.


Zion National Park

Close to Paradise Village, Zion National Park makes for some of the most beautiful hikes you will ever experience. Although, if you're planning a winter vacation, you should be prepared for Zion in winter. Although most hiking trails remain open, there have been cases of winter weather making them impassable. So, if you want to go on a hike here during winter, make sure you're prepared. With that out of the way, however, Zion National Park is a truly unique experience everyone should have at least once.


Tuacahn Outdoor Amphitheater

The Tuacahn Outdoor Amphitheater is home to a non-profit organization called the Tuacahn Center for the Arts. This organization aims to bring some of the best Broadway musicals to the canyons of Utah. The amphitheater is a sight to see, but the shows the organization puts on are entirely different. In order to make the experience as best as possible, they bring in some of Utah's best actors. All in all, if you pay a visit to the Tuacahn Outdoor Amphitheater, which we can warmly recommend, you can expect an overall unforgettable experience. If you don't want the outdoor experience, nearby you can find the Hafen Theatre House, which offers a much more intimate understanding of the arts.


Snow Canyon State Park

Finally, close to Paradise Village, you can find Snow Canyon State Park, a beautiful place to explore canyons. You can experience this state park on a bike, on foot, or even on horseback, all of which are excellent choices. Snow Canyon is truly a wonder, carved from the sandstone of the Red Mountains. Additionally, here you can see the ancient inactive Santa Clara Volcano and its lava tubes and flows. And, if you're interested, you can also explore the sand dunes.

Vacation Rental Homes at Paradise Village

You can rent a private vacation home at Paradise Village with 3 bedrooms or 9 bedrooms. Here are the top vacation homes we recommend in Paradise Village:

3 Bedroom homes for small groups under 12 people:

Paradise Village #40 (private splash pad and hot tub)
Paradise Village #7 (Great location! Across from clubhouse pools)

4 Bedroom homes for medium groups up to 16 people:

Paradise Village #33 (Best location! Steps to the pools, private hot tub, games)
Paradise Village #76 (Views of Snow Canyon, private hot tub)
Paradise Village #85 (Views of Snow Canyon)

9 Bedroom homes for large groups up to 43 people:

Paradise Village #98 (Most Popular! Private pool, hot tub, theater, pickleball court, sleep 43)
Paradise Village #87 (private pool, hot tub, game room, large theater, sleep 32)
Paradise Village #89 (private hot tub, game room, large theater, sleep 41)
Paradise Village #87 and #89 (both homes rented together to sleep 62)

Wrapping up the overview

Overall, a vacation in Paradise Village is the way to go if you want to experience some of Uta's most extraordinary beauty. Paradise Village is a beautiful place to stay, and there is plenty to do and see outside of the resort. And, of course, all of this is suitable for both solo travelers and those who want to vacation with family. So, why not plan a vacation to the St. George Paradise Village at Zion next time you have a chance? We hope that this overview of the resort has helped convince you it's worth a visit, and we wish you an excellent rest of your day.

Lower pool at Paradise Falls

Lower Pool has rock slide and waterfalls

Aerial overlook of Paradise Village

View of Paradise Falls from House #33

Aerial Overlook of Kid's Cove Waterpark

Waterslides at Kid's Cove Waterpark

Lazy River with pool staging area

Year-round heated hot tubs

Experience the Waterpark at Paradise Village!