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23 Nov 2022
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When we talk about the best cities and places in the USA, we always mention New York, Los Angeles, or Miami. And while those places are great, there is so much more America has to offer. Some hidden gems should be given the same attention as these other cities. One of those places is Moab, a city in southeastern Utah. And while this city has a lot of tourists every year, people often forget to mention it when they list the top places to visit in the USA. And as the holiday season approaches, we will try to make a case for why you should visit Moab in the fall and winter. There is so much to see and do there, and this article will guide you on how to have the best possible experience if you visit this magical place.

Some basic info about Moab

Before we tell you about the great adventures you can have in Moab in the fall and winter, here is a bit more about the place. Moab is the largest county seat of Grand County in Utah. It's home to roughly 5,400 people. And while small, it has a lot to offer.

The unique scenery and breathtaking views have attracted people from all over the country, with the number of tourists slowly rising each year. But people don't just visit it for a quick trip. Lately, a lot of people have been choosing Moab as a place to have a holiday home or to move there full time. And it's no wonder because it is a beautiful place with a pleasant and balanced climate. It's not too crowded so you can have your piece and quiet, but still has so many things to see and do, so you are not bored. And if you do decide to embark on long-distance moving to Utah, choose a reliable moving company. You should look at multiple options before deciding.


Arches national park

The first place you should visit in Moab is the Arches national park. It is one of the most distinctive places in the world, with the largest concentration of natural sandstone arches. Double O Arch, Tower Arch, Delicate Arch, and Landscape Arch are some of the most interesting ones. And if you are wondering if you would be able to visit these stunning views of nature in wintertime, don't worry.

Winters in Moab are pretty mild, and though it snows sometimes, it is nothing too extreme. Some tourists who go to Moab in the fall and winter say that the arches look even more beautiful with a layer of snow covering them. But arches are not the only thing to see here. If you are a hiking aficionado, you won't be disappointed by Arches national park. While many hiking trails vary in length and difficulty, one that you should definitely visit is the Park Avenue Trail. If camping is your thing, there are also many individual and group campsites where you can relax and enjoy nature.


La Sal Mountains make Moab in fall and winter great

Winter in Moab is a perfect time to experience the glory of the La Sal Mountains. The La Sal Mountains, also known as the Salt Mountains, is the second-highest mountain range in Utah. And while you can visit them all year round, they are exceptionally breathtaking when covered with snow in the winter.

It is a beautiful contrast between the red desert views and the snowy mountain peaks. While there, you should visit some of the canyons, such as Mill Creek, Negro Bill Canyon, or Professor Creek. You can even explore the nearby alpine forests and connect with nature.

But the La Sal Mountains are especially good for all the joyful winter activities. You can go skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and snowmobiling. It is a perfect place for a family holiday trip, and you will make many fun memories.


Moab Giants Dinosaur park

The next thing on our list of things you can do in Moab in the fall and winter is perfect for families with little kids. It is the Moab Giants Dinosaur park. And according to experts at, the biggest priority for families with kids is that the place they are traveling to provides good kids' entertainment.

So If you ever find yourself in Moab, this park will be a lifesaver. You will enjoy the beautiful desert scenery and see the life-size versions of the giants that roamed this place many years ago. Your kids will have the time of their lives while visiting the Prehistoric Aquarium and doing dinosaur-themed quizzes in the Kids Zone of the park. Explore some dinosaur footprints and go and have a 3D viewing experience of dinosaur history. After this fun-filled day, you can take your kids for a snack at the Giants cafe, where they can eat T-Rex monster burgers or Dino Buddies.


Dead Horse Point State Park

Around 34 miles away from Moab is one of the most breathtaking state parks, Dead Horse Point State Park. Its name stems from the times of cowboys, who used this area as a corral for wild mustangs. Unfortunately, many horses died of thirst at one point, thus the name. However, nowadays, you will see a stunning view of the Canyonlands. You can do mountain biking and enjoy great hiking trails. There is also a campground with picnic tables, tents, and nearby yurts. Dead Horse Point State Park's visitor center is open year-round from 9 am to 5 pm.


In conclusion

A stay in Moab in the fall and winter is one of the best experiences you can have. It is perfect for a solo trip or a fun family adventure. Fall and winter are great times to visit Moab; it is less crowded, and snow makes the sandstone arches look even more beautiful.

Arches national park has the largest concentration of natural sandstone arches.

Get a family Dino pass and give your kids a day full of adventures.