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30 Aug 2022
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Are you making some travel plans to the town of Moab for an extended visit, but the question of where to stay has you scratching your head? Hotel stays can be a bit pricey, and typical apartments only offer 12-month leases. The solution? Whether you're a young professional who's away from home for several weeks, renovating your new home or moving into a new home and still sorting out logistics, or someone who loves to travel and explore new locations, Utah's Best Vacation Rentals has three words for you: extended stay rentals! These are ideal housing options for people in various situations, from all industries and walks of life. They offer privacy, comfort, amenities, and consistency that can easily make you feel at home. But let us dive deeper into the most significant benefits of an extended stay rental in Moab.

#1 Privacy, privacy, privacy!

There's the obvious: vacation rentals are perfect for those who like having their own space. Take hotel rooms, for instance – they’re no less inviting than airport baggage reclaim areas. Hotel housekeepers are coming and going, children running up and down the halls and waking you up in the morning, running into other guests, sharing those awkward elevator rides, thin walls, and jam-packed pools. These irritants do not apply in the majority of privately owned rentals.

#2 Room for everyone

Does traveling to Moab with a big-enough family or a group that an average hotel room of just 325 sq feet would feel like a shoebox? If yes, then the time is right to start considering other options. Taking on the cost of multiple hotel rooms isn't worth it, knowing that an extended stay rental in Moab offers a similar or better deal at a lower price. Vacation rentals are an easy way to get more bang for your buck. They give your family more than 1,300 sq feet of common living and dining areas and several separate bedrooms for everyone to retreat to their turf.

#3 Bang for your buck

Besides more privacy and space, booking a vacation rental also means you’ll have more dollars in your pocket at the end of your stay.

It's important to note that, as with other housing options, the price and facility will range among extended stays. You decide where you want to be on the price-grade spectrum. Still, the odds are that you'll have access to a full-size, working kitchen and washer/dryer. This means you won't have to overspend your 3+ daily meals by eating or ordering take-out. Instead, you'll be able to save by buying your groceries and cooking your meals. And we bet that if you're going to splurge on a relaxing getaway, you'd much rather spend your travel money on sightseeing than take-outs and overpriced restaurants.

Extended stay rentals have everything one may need to live comfortably.

Plus, dealing directly with the property owner implies knowing precisely what you’re paying for and how much you’re paying for it. There are no hidden charges or surprise fees for items like bottled water, pool towels, fridge, internet, etc.

#4 All the comforts of home

Perhaps the most significant benefit of an extended stay rental in Moab is that you'll feel at home. A typical extended stay property in Moab has all the amenities and utilities you’d expect to find at home. This includes Wi-Fi, electricity, waste management, full-sized kitchens, appliances, work/study areas, storage, and probably even a laundry facility.

These amenities are the key to making your stay as comfortable as possible, and they hardly ever go unappreciated by:

  • extended family groups,
  • business travelers,
  • digital nomads,
  • or anyone else traveling for a longer time.

What's more, it's simple: you pay, you move in. In other words, there are typically no contracts or long-term obligations. This also makes it perfect for those who are renovating their home or planning an interstate move to Utah and require temporary housing.

#5 You have time to get to know a place

Interstate relocations are a big undertaking. There’s the challenge of finding a good neighborhood and a suitable home to rent or purchase. These are not simple decisions. So, it would probably require multiple visits to Utah to explore different areas, go to open houses, meet up with your realtor, close the deal, et cetera. And that takes a lot of time and resources. So, if you are moving to Utah long-term, having a place to stay for a while can help you decide whether you want to make it your new home. It gives you a chance and the necessary time for exploration.

#6 You’ll like what you see

The town of Moab is truly a unique area and worth a leisurely visit. What used to be Utah’s hidden gem is now gaining international acclaim as the top base for adventure and relaxing outdoor vacations, ringed by miles and miles of the most spectacular geography you’ve ever seen. So, whether you’re here on business or pleasure, if you have lots of time in Moab, finding things to put on your itinerary won’t be an issue, not in the slightest.

Moab is an adventurer's paradise!

Be sure to visit:

  • Arches National Park
  • Ken’s Lake
  • Hell’s Revenge Moab
  • Moab Giants dinosaur park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Dead Horse Point State Park

#7 Bring the whole family, including Fido!

Finding a pet-friendly hotel can be a chore. Plus, trying to cram your whole household into a single suite – plus your four-legged friend – sounds like quite a bit of downsizing. Luckily, many vacation houses allow pet owners to bring their furry friends. This means you will not only be able to cut your dog-sitter expenditures but also spend quality time with your entire family.

And when you head out to explore, who better to keep you company than your best furry pal? Unfortunately, Utah’s famed Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park are off-limits to four-legged visitors. Still, there are plenty of adventures for travelers with a dog in tow to experience the beauty of Moab. For instance, there’s the Grandstaff Canyon, Morning Glory Natural Bridge, Corona and Bowtie Arch Trail, Fisher Towers Trail, etc.

Your dog is, after all, a part of your family!

Let’s wrap it up

There are plenty of benefits of an extended stay rental in Moab. First, vacation rentals offer more space, privacy, freedom, and bang for your buck! Next, they’re called vacation homes for a reason – they hold all the amenities one may need to feel at home while still keeping that vacation/getaway vibe floating in the air. They're perfect for all kinds of people in all situations, particularly if you're planning to move to the extraordinary Moab area and need some time to get to know your new surroundings. We hope you have a pleasant stay!