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13 Sep 2019
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Over the years tens of thousands of guests have come and gone through Utah and stayed in our homes or condos, RVs, or cabins. Its always interesting to hear many of the same questions people seem to always ask us. I thought it would be fun to list which are the most asked general questions we get and provide the most in depth answer I can. Perhaps you have asked yourself the same questions upon learning about our company or having rented a home from us.

What are vacation rentals? How do they differ from a timeshare?
Vacation rentals
 is a term used loosely by travelers to describe a piece of real estate (private home, condo, cabin, etc) which is rented for any given timeframe for any given reason to a guest or guests who have signed a rental agreement to occupy the property for a short or long specified amount of time, usually short-term for pleasure. Some refer to vacation rentals as the BEST alternative to traditional hotel or bed and breakfast lodging.

timeshare is a shared ownership of a piece of real estate, usually a week or more of time in any given year, where the shared owners split up usage of the property for personal use, collectively sharing in its usage. Each owner of the specified shared time receives a deed or title for their respective ownership, as opposed to renting without ownership as you would with a vacation rental.

What comes with our vacation rental homes?
Furniture, kitchen supplies, basic cookware, bathroom supplies, linens (towels, washcloths for each person), bedding, blankets, pillows, hot tub, home theater, game room (select properties), complimentary toiletries, cable or satellite TV, internet service, and BBQ

How many homes do we have?
When we first started we had only 2 homes for rent. But, the demand has grown so fast (nobody ants to stay in hotels anymore) that we have grown probably much faster than we would have liked. We now offer just 3 years later over 50 homes and condos, and have just recently added mountain cabins, lodges, and even now have more than one RV for rent.

Do you get discounts if you stay for a week?
Yes of course. We always give better deals for more nights over 5. Simply put, the more nights someone is willing to stay, the better deal we will give. Weekly rates are calculated by taking the regular nightly rate and only charging for 6 nights. You get the last night free. If you are renting the largest home, this means you could save over $1,500.

Do you get a discount if you book in advance?
Yes. For early birds who book 3 or more months in advance save on average about 40% of regular rates. Plus, they only have to pay 50% of the total reservation and can wait until up to 90 days before arrival until the last payment is due, making it more affordable to travel and stay in one of our beautiful properties.

Do you rent long-term?
Yes. In fact, many of our homes are long term rental only. Some cities do not allow short-term rentals in Utah, so in those areas, we rent our homes to families, or business people who need extended housing that is move-in ready and hassle free. When browsing our homes available for rent, look for the extended stay in the headline.

What goes on behind the scenes to get homes ready for guests?
Over 6 departments and 20 people are directly involved in every reservation from the time someone finds out about us to the time they check out. Each individual on staff will have in some way or another worked on the details of a guests stay. Marketing is busy trying to find those looking for housing, analyzing numbers, crunching strategies and marketing dollars to be the first to pop up on Google or VRBO when people search. Reservations is busy answering phone calls and emails for people who have found one of our homes and wants quotes, location details, and many other questions answered.

Guest Services is busy once the reservation is made contacting the guests from day one until check in to ensure every need is met and expectation exceeded, from special requests to needing more towels or toilet paper, or warmer hot tub water. Our staff of maintenance technicians are busy at work running all over town and back daily to ensure guests have what they need when they need it.

Housekeeping is busy cleaning and cross-checking quality checklists, testing TVs, internet, fluffing pillows, laundering, and making sure hot tubs are sparkling clean. Our inspector general is busy traveling from home to home coordinating with housekeeping on problems discovered, working hard to make sure they are fixed and ready for guests arrival. And when its all done, the guests arrive and we all stand ready to jump at a moments notice is anything is not to satisfaction for any reason. Its a tough job, but we work around the clock daily to fulfill the guests satisfaction.