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10 Aug 2022
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If you're making some travel plans to eastern or southern Utah, the Moab area should be on the top of your list of places to visit in Utah. While you're there, enjoy outdoor activities and visit some of the most beautiful national parks the USA has to offer. However, one thing that can be a challenge is finding suitable hotels in Moab, Utah. If you're thinking of spending your days exploring the region, or even if you're planning to unwind and relax, a vacation house is probably a better option than a hotel room. Keep reading below to find out why a vacation home is better than a hotel along with all the other reasons there are to rent a Moab vacation home!

Vacation Rental Homes Provide More Value 

A house or a condo rental in Moab can be surprisingly inexpensive, especially compared to most hotels. If you're looking for more value for money, consider sharing the cost of a vacation rental house near Moab with friends or family. Group vacations are great for creating long-lasting memories! Your vacation rental will come with amenities such as a kitchen and appliances to create a few meals together. You can stock the kitchen with all of your favorite snacks and drinks you may not allow yourself to have at home. The convenience of having everything you need nearby will create more time for you to spend exploring what Moab has to offer. For example, you can take the money you are saving when you rent a vacation home over a hotel and spend it on experiences like an adventure tour.

Enjoy the Privacy of Your Own Personal Space

Sometimes you just want to enjoy time with the group you're with and not interact with other guests or hotel staff. Spend your stay how you'd like without worrying about disturbing other hotel guests. This is ideal for bachelorette or bachelor parties or any trips surrounding a celebration. Consult with the homeowners ahead of time before planning your party. When they provide the green light, you can throw a party to remember for years to come!

Enjoy Adventure in Moab, Utah

Adventure seekers from all over the country choose Moab as a starting point for exploring Utah's breathtaking scenery. Start your adventure in Moab and form a base there before exploring the Colorado River, Dead Horse Point State Park, and the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Renting a vacation home in Moab allows you to get the most out of all Utah has to offer. Only here for a limited time? Rent a Jeep that will take you through all of the local attractions.

Experience Utah as a True Local

Staying in a residential area of a city when renting a vacation home in Utah provides you the ability to live like a local and enjoy authentic local experiences. If you are planning to move to Utah, your trip will help you get to know the area better. You'll get to know where all the closest supermarkets in the Moab area are and the best restaurants and bars. Enjoy all the local favorites and discover the culture of the area. If you ever decide to move to Moab, you'll cherish this experience more than if you stayed in a hotel.

Travel with Your Pet

Find a pet-friendly vacation rental in Moab. Many vacation homes will allow you to bring your pet. After All, they are a part of your family. And while yes, many hotels now allow pets as well, there's just no doubt a house is a better option. Your pet will have more space to play and explore than in a small hotel room. Adventure through Moab and take your pet with you.  They'll love hitting the Corona Arch Trail or visiting The Needles.

Finally, if your dog becomes agitated and barks late at night, your neighbors might be too far away to object or complain to the reception.

Wifi & Luxury Amenities Included

When you rent a vacation home in Moab, high-speed internet is almost always included in the price. There are none of those pay-per-use hotel packages. You'll be able to stream all the movies you want or work remotely from your vacation home, without worrying you'll run out of data or take on extra fees. Choose a luxury Moab condo, some of the amenities might include a large tv with unlimited premium channels. Moreover, most rental properties include complimentary washers and dryers. You can travel lighter and save time and money when laundry is this simple to do. 

Customize your Vacation 

When you book your stay in a vacation rental home, you have the luxury of customizing your stay in accordance with your requirements. This is, of course, in sharp contrast to hotels that adhere to stringent restrictions about their rooms. Whether you choose a pet-friendly or non-pet-friendly villa, one with a private pool or even a private chef, you're the one who gets to pick what your vacation will look like!

The Moab area is truly unique, and it's definitely worth visiting. While many tourists and adventurers like the comfort of hotel rooms, vacation homes have become extremely popular. Generally, when you rent a Moab vacation home, you achieve the level of comfort and privacy you just can't get in most hotels. Enjoy the feeling of being at home and do everything as you would in your actual home without bumping into hotel staff or having to get up early for breakfast. Most importantly, you'll be able to go where and when you want and not worry about disturbing other guests. For example, if your trip to Canyonlands National Park runs late into the night or starts at 5 am, you won't have to worry about waking up the whole hotel.