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3 Jan 2023
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Travel Tips

So you love vacation rentals, but you want to find the best deal? We hear you! We thought we would take just a minute to go over the ways you can score the best possible deal on renting a vacation rental. Here are 4 ways to save on a vacation rental that we recommend:

#1: Book Direct vs. booking through VRBO or Airbnb

Our #1 most recommended way for you to save on a vacation rental is to book direct on our website. Third-party booking sites like VRBO or Airbnb charge you a service fee just to make a reservation. These fees can range anywhere from 5% to 10%, which can add a few extra hundred to your overall reservation total. Few realize that by just simply clicking over to our website and booking the same house, you avoid all those fees. And the best part - you deal directly with the housing provider, not a third party call center customer service agent who isn't local and has no knowledge of the home and can't do anything to solve problems should they occur while you are staying there.

Here is a real Example:  Lets compare Draper Poolhouse | Jan. 27-30th, 2022

Our tip: Don't pay their "Service Fees"  To help them run their platform and offer 24/7 support when you pay nothing to use our website and you already receive 24/7 customer service from our team that is local and near the actual home you are renting.

Added perks from booking direct:
- You receive automatic $1,500 protection for accidental damage (ex: you drop and break a plate, or cause a stain in the carpet)
- Optional Travel Insurance: To cover risks of trip interruption, trip cancellation, lost luggage, or even snow insurance for those annoying times when it doesn't snow when you've booked a ski trip - and so much more! You are given the option to purchase added travel insurance protection which adds only a 7% cost to your reservation. View more travel insurance coverage details

#2: Book midweek nights Monday-Thursday

We know the weekend is the time to play, right? But in today's world when so many people work reomote or from home, travel has become so flexible, why not take hundreds off your vacation rental reservation? Simply stay on Monday and depart Thursday. Rates can be as low at 15% off by this simple itinerary adjustment.  

#3: Book last minute

While it's risky and means you don't get much of a selection - nevertheless - if you aren't picky, and aren't the plan-ahead type, or just love spontaneity, you can score big on a great deal anywhere from 10%-30% off by just booking a couple days before your arrival. In fact, we provide a last minute specials page on our website that is updated every Tuesday to make it super convenient at-a-glance to find which homes are available and then pounce on it before it's gone. 

#4: Book off-season

If you're looking for a great deal and trying to booking a ski home for February when it's ski season, or a large Salt Lake poolhouse in July, you might want to rethink your deal hunting strategy. Beacause those are peak dates. But, if you choose off-season dates such as April 15-June 10 for Salt Lake area, or December-early February for St. George, or November-February for Moab, you will save as much as 25% off what you would pay otherwise. We call these shoulder seasons, and the great thing about these seasons is the crowds are gone, and you can explore the national parks in peace. No lines! No traffic! And even see the beautiful contrast of snow blanketing stunning red sandstone arches or mountains. And in spring or fall months, what better time to enjoy the fall leaves in the mountains, the spring cherry blossoms at the State Capitol Building, or the Tulip Festival. These are some of the best times of the year to see and experience all Utah has to offer.