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13 Sep 2019
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A honeymoon is supposed to be a vacation filled with rest, relaxation and romance. But when your mind is spinning with details of the florist, caterer, wedding party, rings and dresses, how can you plan this important vacation? With the lodging options we provide, youll be able to plan your first trip as a married couple with ease.

The first step is to start planning early, especially if youll be taking your honeymoon during the high season. Many popular getaways will fill up early for the late spring and summer, so try to start thinking about potential destinations at least six months prior to the trip. offers this thorough checklist that outlines what needs to be done when.

Second, youll need to choose a destination and set a budget. If you dont want to blow your bank account on the honeymoon, consider a retreat closer to home. Browse our romantic destination vacation homes to find quaint, elegant, memorable places.

Although it is traditional for the groom to take care of honeymoon arrangements, more and more couples are sharing the planning and financial responsibility. Consider using monetary gifts from the wedding or bridal shower to help finance the honeymoon.

Couples should ask themselves, Do we want snow or sand? Adventure or pure relaxation? Many people envision spending their honeymoons on a sunny beach with a fruity cocktail in hand. Popular destinations include Utah, Hawaii, Jamaica and Mexico.

And while the Poconos may still be a popular destination for the mountainous beauty and heart-shaped tubs, more couples are forgoing traditional destinations for more exotic locales. Viewing the fjords of Chile or the valleys of South Africa can be romantic too, as this Concierge article notes. Depending on your tastes, you can spend your honeymoon hiking in Colorado, cruising the Greek Isles or wandering the countryside of Ireland. The only limits are your budget and your imagination!

Since youll be planning the honeymoon during a time thats already incredibly busy, consider enlisting the help of a travel agent. A good agent will be able to craft a trip that suits you and stays within your budget.
If youre a bride planning on taking your husbands last name and your honeymoon is scheduled for right after the wedding, use your maiden name when making reservations. Even though youll be married at that point, your identification will still reflect your maiden name, and thats what counts when checking in at the airport.

Be sure to confirm all arrangements before the wedding. While youre on the trip, tell people youre on your honeymoon. You never know when this might result in a room upgrade, free cocktail or other special attention!