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27 Oct 2020
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Everyone knows Moab, Utah is jam-packed with fun in the spring, summer, and fall: hiking, biking, rafting, climbing, off-roading, ballooning….more than you could possibly do in one visit. 

But what about winter? “Moab” and “winter” aren’t two words you’d normally put together, but maybe they should be!

Moab in winter is uniquely magical. The contrast of white snow, blue sky, winter lighting, and stark red rock turn the dry desert landscape into something out of a fantasy. 

This otherworldliness is accentuated by the fact that you’ll see hardly any other visitors, as Moab in winter is still a bit of a local secret. 

Most people avoid Moab in winter because of its lower temperatures, but proper gear solves that problem in a snap. Personally, I’d rather hike in Moab in the winter than the summer...summer can be so hot that it’s absolutely unbearable (even a little dangerous). 

So with all of that said, what can you even do during the winter? I’ve outlined the best things to do below.

(And don’t forget that the pool and hot tubs at Sage Creek at Moab are heated year-round...that’s an attraction worth traveling for by itself!)


Enjoy The Same Hikes...Just With Fewer People in Your Way

Busy times in Moab can feel like a zoo. It gets absolutely packed, making it impossible to enjoy some quiet serenity for more than a moment or even just get a picture without someone else in it. 

Moab in winter is different. You can complete the same hikes as you can at any other time of year, but at the end, you can really sit and enjoy your surroundings. Take some time to be alone with your thoughts, snap some beautiful photos, or enjoy a romantic moment with your partner without being interrupted. 


Bike, bike, bike!

Unless it’s icy, mountain biking is still a blast in the winter. Just bundle up a bit and enjoy the miles and miles of wide-open, uncrowded trails. 

A few bike shops stay open during the winter, so you should have no problem renting any gear you might need. 


Sightsee in Your Car

Winter or summer, the simple joy of driving around Moab to sightsee is one of the best things to do. 

I especially recommend visiting Canyonlands National Park’s Island in the Sky and Dead Horse Point when there’s snow on the ground...unbelievable! 


Marvel at the Snow

I know what you’re thinking...the snow is what I'm trying to get away from! But snow in Moab is a marvel. It accentuates the bright reds of the rocks and the blues of the sky. It adds to the dimension of the landscape. In’s beautiful. 

(Much more beautiful than the gray, sludgy snow on the side of the road that we normally get to look at!)


Enjoy Cozy Dining


Many restaurants and shops close in Moab during the winter, but that just gives you the opportunity to enjoy the local dining scene without mobs of tourists. 

What better way to end a day of winter adventures than with a warm, cozy dining room and a local-approved meal? 

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