3 Tips on Finding Perfect Home

3 Tips on Finding Perfect Home

If you happen to be new to the vacation rental or relocation housing thing, no worries. Here are some tips to help you find a deal as you consider what home to choose instead of renting a hotel room.

1) Contact Vacation Rental Companies After Peak Season:
Plan your trip for after peak season (busiest season when tourism is the highest) to get the best deal. In Utah, this is usually between April-May and September-October. Also, its a great idea if you are looking for longer-term extended stay at a great monthly rent to call during these times for the best selection on homes or condos in the best locations. Housing and lodging companies rent their homes longer term as less travelers visit.

2) Know the Basics Before You Start Your Search:
It is estimated that 1 in 5 families move or relocate each year. Knowing the basics of which companies provide furnished and move-in ready homes as opposed to unfurnished homes will make your search much easier. Many get confused by the price because they are unaware that the home is furnished and accessorized ready for move in.

3) Bridge Gap Between Arrival in Community and Finding Permanent Residence:
Many find that renting a fully furnished and equipped home or condo, and allowing for them to bring their own housewares is the best way to go. Contact an established, reputable real estate agency who deal with relocating families to the perfect extended stay home. Spend a weekend talking with neighbors in the area of consideration to get a feel for the neighborhood and schools. Having a home fully equipped and furnished will allow more time to bridge the gap of all the other details when having to relocate.

Utahs Best Vacation Rentals also offer long-term extended housing that includes all furnishings, linens, bedding, toiletries, basic supplies, kitchenwares, housewares, and even hot tubs, and home theaters. Weekly housekeeping and 24 hour maintenance staff also make it a great option when needing to relocate your family or staff to a new home in the greater Salt Lake or Park City areas.