Intro To House Swaps: Tips and Tricks To Vacation Cheap

All You Need To Know About How To House Swap (Trade) Your Home For One In Your Favorite Travel Destination.

One creative way to travel for cheap and stay in a nice vacation home is to trade houses with someone who also wants to visit your area. This is known as house swapping. For many, this concept may be new and unsettling. I mean, really? Youre going to let someone live in your private house so you can live in theirs? This concept was featured in the 2006 movie The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet about a workaholic movie advertiser who swaps her Hollywood mansion for a quiet, peaceful country cottage in England only to find herself in falling in love.
Ok, so swapping may not be for everyone. But, for those who embrace the idea, it can open a whole new world of cheap traveling to you.

Here are a 4 tips to consider:

Evaluate Your Homes Location and Potential Desirability
Do you live in a place people want to visit? A home in Hawaii obviously carries more trade value. But what if you live in Sandy, UT?  Well, Sandy is close to 7 world class ski resorts, and the headquarters of the Mormon Church. You may want to search for house swapping sites with people looking to ski or who are Mormon.

See Your Home as an Asset with Trade Value
Detach your emotional connection to every memory thats every occurred in the home and see it as a bartering tool.

Seek out reputable house swap websites
There are many websites to choose from. Be selective. They arent all created equal.
Seek sites with a vast selection of quality vacation homes in the vacation destination you want to visit. Quality owners manifest themselves based on their quality of photos, how well written their property description is, and most assuredly, how fast they respond to your swap inquiry. We recommend

Quality Photos = Results:
Declutter your home, setup every room with the thought in mind that your home is a model home perfect for a vacation. Stage every room to attract people to want to stay there while on vacation. Be creative. Use high quality photography at wide angles to capture the rooms true size and qualities. The better the photos, the higher the perceived trade value will be.
Note: Be careful not to mislead. Its better to under promise and over deliver.