Spring Skiing in Salt Lake & Park City Forget Christmas, Ski Easter!

Cottonwood Canyons, UT When you think skiing, the holiday that comes to mind is Christmas, but with it comes of course peak season lodging prices, long lines, crowded mountain runs, overpriced meals at the mountain top, and it so happens that its in the dead of winter, which is the worst time to ski, nasty winds, terrible temperatures, and frost bite.

Easter seems to be gaining popularity for skiers. Its the perfect time. For one, it falls late in april this year, and some resorts are planning to keep the lifts running until the chocolate bunnies disappear. And the best part is, resorts are well past annual snow pack averages. Alta for example is experiencing a 150 base (regularly only 120 max in years past). But, even better is the fact that in April there is skiings clearance sale. Airfare is also so much better. You can fly to SLC from New York or Denver for less than $300, and there are packages galore. At our Colaition Lodge in downtown Park City, you can choose from 7 ski condos (1-4 bedroom units), and walk across the street to the mountain resort lifts, all for less than $200. 2 bedroom condos can be near $120 night, and the ticket prices seem to plummet, not to mention you go home with a tan and your feet are not frozen.

So escape to Utahs best powder on earth to see the easter bunny dance down the runs on skis. Vacationing in Utah has never been more affordable and never have the locals been ore happy to see you. Christmas? ehhh, not so much!