Great Ski Rental Deals from Our Partner Ski n See

Guests always call in wondering what to do about ski equipment when they arrive and are ready to ski. With increasing gas prices (maybe increasing is an understatement), airlines are charging more for skis and other gear and limiting the amount of baggage passengers can bring along. Our ski rental partner Ski n See has 13 locations with the largest selection of skis for rent, and also offer gear rentals and snowboards. We have teamed with Ski n See because our guests love the selection and they have been willing to offer 20% off all rentals for our guests. This has saved guests sometimes hundreds of dollars on airline fees and normal rental charges, plus they have multiple locations at Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley. In fact, in Park City, they have a skis on wheels delivery service that will not only give you the discounted rental price, but bring it right to your door and fit you for the gear right there.

In summer, they also offer water sports equipment rentals, life vests, and other fun outdoor gear for rent and for sale. And if you have not experienced staying at some of UBVRs summer mountain lodges and cabins, its time to get out a little and have some fun because you are missing out big time!

Ski n See has even made it easy to rent skis online. You can reserve your gear online using the order form. Choose your pickup location, fill out each guests sizes and information, choose which ski package you desire, and submit. Your card will not be charged until you arrive, get fitted, and are happy with your gear. If you want to try out multiple types of brands and styles of skis, choose demo skis and you can experience it all. Remember though to use your discount ski rental card provided for you at the home or given to you at check-in to ensure you get your discount.