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Visitors to Salt Lake City or Park City who are staying with Utah's Best Vacation Rentals have the option of renting ATVs, side-by-side RZRs, 4 wheelers, or snowmobiles for exploring the endless trails along the Wasatch Front, sands dunes at the "Little Sahara" just 90 minutes south of Salt Lake, or the preferred trails listed below. 

Several delivery options available! We bring them to you or meet you at the trail head. Or, you can pick them up and haul them to the trail of your choice. Rent your ATV or RZR today and explore Utah trails near Salt Lake and Park City like never before!


RZR UTV and ATV Rentals - Utah's Best Vacation Rentals

RZR / Side by Sides

2016 Polaris RZR Turbo (5 seat): $275/ day  (the 5th seat is for a small child, under 60 lbs) 
2015 Polaris RZR 1000 (4 seat): $250/ day
- Both RZR's are licensed and street legal.

ATV AND 4 Wheeler Rentals - Utah's Best Vacation Rentals

ATV's / 4 Wheeler's

Polaris 800 sportsman: $100/ day
Polaris 500 sportsman: $100/ day

Snowmobile Rentals - Utah's Best Vacation Rentals

Snowmobile Rentals

$250/ day
All rentals require a $15/ day / machine insurance fee. (paid online to the ins company prior to rental period). All rentals are provided with helmets, trailer and tie downs (included in the rental fee). Minimum age for renters is 25.

ATV Rentals - Utah's Best Vacation Rentals

Delivery options

Customer pick-up (free): Customer can pick up the machines from our shop location in Pleasant Grove, Utah. You are required to proof of auto insurance using your insurance card, and must have a suitable tow vehicle. You can keep the machine for the duration of the rental period.
Trail-Head Service: $150 - ideal for 1 day rentals. We would meet you at a pre-arranged trail-head so you can have the machine for 6 hours of fun. We can suggest some nearby trails. This would be for all destinations within 90 minutes from Salt Lake City, including Little Sahara Recreational Center (sand dunes). You wouldn't need to clean or gas the machine. We would meet you in the morning and evening to pick up the machine. 

House Drop off: $100. We will meet you at your vacation rental home and drop off the machine with or without trailer, depending on your tow vehicle and location. We will pick up the machine at the end of the rental period from same location. We will also provide a list of local trails that are suitable for each machine and season. 

To make a Reservation

Email with your desired rentals and which delivery option you prefer. Kyle will get it all setup for you; or visit
* Be sure to mention you're staying with Utah's Best Vacation Rentals for special treatment and perks  

ATV Trails near Salt Lake City - Utah's Best Vacation Rentals

Popular UTV/ ATV Trails We Recommend near Salt Lake and Park City

Five Mile Pass

52 Miles Southwest of Salt Lake City
BLM website: Five Mile Pass
Fivemile Pass is a popular OHV play area. Plenty of parking, and many trails to explore. Part of the reason it is so popular is because it is one of the closest open areas to the Salt Lake City area to ride. There are a few amenities here such as bathrooms and plans for more in the future, but most of the camping is still pretty bare bones. Jeeps, atv's, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and more come to enjoy this area, so be prepared to have some company. Don't be scared off too much by this however, the parking and camp areas can become crowded but the crowds thin out quickly as you get out on the trails. Because this is an open freeride type area, you will find many trails branching off as you ride. The parking area is central to most of the trails and it's easy to see where to begin from there. The area is free to use, is easy to get to, and very easy to find. It can get hot here in the summer, so it's best to go Spring or Fall but it can still be ridden in the summer.

Google Map location of Five Mile Pass

Little Moab

60 Miles South of Salt Lake City
Little Moab is a great area to ride with a few different choices of terrain. Near the turnoff from Highway 68 is an area of sand dunes with a series of tracks, trails, whoops, and open areas to get your adrenaline pumping! Driving west there are endless dirt trails going in about all directions. Some trails include extreme hill climbs, rocky terrain, and fast dirt areas. Other trails are more mild and fun for the relaxing cruise around the country. The main focus of Little Moab and where it gets it’s name is a large rock outcropping that provides crawling obstacles for riders of all levels.

YouTube Video of Little Moab
Google Map location of Little Moab

Mantua UTV Trail / Willard Peak Road

63 Miles North of Salt Lake City

The Willard Peak Road is located south of Mantua, Utah. This area is very popular for camping, mountain biking and OHV use. The road is approx 12 miles long with ATV trails leading off in every direction. A great place to stage and enjoy the many riding opportunities this canyon offers is at Doc's Flat, which is located 1 1/2 miles up the canyon. From the Doc's Flat area you can travel up Willard Peak Road to the top which dead­ends at Inspiration Point. On our visit the snow stopped us from going to the top, but we heard the views of the Wasatch Mountains, Cache Valley and the Great Salt Lake are spectacular. Approx 2 miles from Doc's Flat you will come to a road heading southeast with a sign that states "The next 3.8 miles traverse through private property stay on road".

If you choose to travel down this road you will be treated with views of a mountain valley and several Beaver ponds. All ponds can be viewed without leaving the road, and we urge you to obey the sign to help insure this road stays accessible. This area has been under extreme controversy due to heavy use of OHV's. Please stay on open trails and roads and pack it in pack it out! With that said, you will find an abundance of riding opportunities for all riding abilities. It is very common to see Deer, Moose, Elk and even Bobcats. The trails and even the roads will lead you through thick groves of Pines, Aspen, Oak and more. If you're looking for a location to ride with the whole family, within a short distance from Salt Lake City visit this area.

Directions: Mantua is super small town that is close by Brigham city you will take the first exit to Mantua and when you hit main street you will start heading south till you get to a big dirt parking lot this is where you will want to unload.

Google Map location of Willard Peak

Mary Ellen’s Gulch ­ American Fork Canyon

40 Miles South of Salt Lake City
Mary Ellen’s Gulch is one of our favorite rides up American Fork Canyon in Utah. In the spring and early summer the trail acts as a small stream handling water that runs down to the American Fork river. In late summer the trail is dry and rocky, but anytime of the year this is an amazing trail full of breathtaking scenery. There are a couple mines and and old cabin hiding up in the hills that are a lot of fun to stop and explore, or to pull off and have a nice picnic with the family. Mary Ellen’s Gulch is an intermediate trail with some more advanced obstacles the further up the trail you go. This trail like most of the trails around the canyon is an old mining road, I don’t imagine that the miners back in the 1800’s had any idea their work would be the playground to off road enthusiasts. This trail is mostly dirt or loose rock with sections of boulders, and rock outcrops that make great obstacles for the rock­crawlers out there.

Google Map location of Mary Ellen Gulch

Little Sahara Recreation Area ­Sand Dunes

95 Miles Southwest of Salt Lake City
**Fee Required**
BLM Website: Little Sahara
Little Sahara Recreation Area is a designated and managed off­highway­vehicle open area Managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It features 60,000 acres of sand dunes, trails, and sagebrush flats. The recreation area is about 12 miles long (north to south) and 10 miles wide. Sand Mountain, a wall of sand climbing nearly 700 feet, is the primary focal point for hill climbing. The sand dunes, on the northern side of the recreation area, have plentiful riding “bowls.” The low­lying dunes southwest of Black Mountain provide good terrain for beginners or for those who just want to get away from the crowds. Black Mountain provides a network of dirt trails up, over, and around a peak, offering excellent trail riding for just about any kind of OHV. The Little Sahara sand dunes, located in the northeastern part of the Sevier Desert in western Utah, lie within the northern half of one of Utah’s largest dune fields (about 220 square miles). This dune field contains both actively forming or migrating dunes and plant­stabilized dunes. According to BLM literature, the dunes at Little Sahara are remnants of ancient Lake Bonneville, which receded about 15,000 years ago. Winds that flow across the Sevier Desert deposited the sand near what is now Sand Mountain, creating 124 square miles of free­moving dunes. The dunes are still moving to the north and east between 5 and 9 feet per year. The most prominent barrier is the Sand Hills (also known as Sand Mountain) located within the recreation area. The Sand Hills lie directly in the path of migrating dunes and are aligned at right angles to the prevailing wind direction. Sand travels around the ends of the hills or through passes to form dunes on the other side.

Google Map location of Little Sahara Sand Dunes Recreation Area

Maple Canyon/ Log Canyon Loop

95 Miles South of Salt Lake City
This ATV trail loop is approx. 34 miles round trip that will take you through Maple Canyon; rated one of the top rock climbing locations in the world; and back down Log Canyon. You will be amazed by the completely different diversity of the two canyons. Maple Canyon has sheer cliff walls, where Log Canyon has thick groves of Pines, Aspens and rock formations. The road leading to Maple Canyon is paved until you reach the mouth of the canyon where the road will immediately turn to dirt. Less than one mile up the canyon you will come to a hiking trail called Box Canyon. There will be a pull out to your right and the trail head will appear to be nothing more than a dry stream bed. I highly recommend you park your ATV's and enjoy this hike into a narrow sheer canyon, I guarantee you will be in awe of the canyon walls towering above your head. Once you're back to your ATV's you will continue up the road where you will come to the Maple Canyon Campground and day use area.

There is a day use fee if you plan to stop here, explore, or have a picnic. However if you do not choose to stop , you will continue up the road, through the campground and this is where the improved canyon road ends, from this point ATV's or four wheel drive is recommend. The road has several rocky sections that you must maneuver through, and provides spectacular views of Maple Canyon from above. The trail will continue up over the mountain and it will appear you are heading down the next canyon when the trail loops around and heads back up to the top. At the top the trail will Y and you will see a sign that says Maple Canyon and Wales Canyon. This sign is approx. 3.2 miles from the Maple Canyon campground. Fork to the right to continue this loop. The next section of this trail will offer some very large ruts and an occasional muddy hole. There will be several other trails that lead off in every direction so be sure to stay on the main trail to continue this loop. Travel 3.1 miles from the Maple/Wales sign to a very large open flat area with a small sign that says Red Cliffs, the trail will Y once again. The fork to the left will take you on the Red Cliffs ATV trail, the fork to the right will take you down Log Canyon. The road leading down Log Canyon is a fairly improved road with just an occasional rut or rocky area. The scenery is beautiful with the road leading through thick pines, aspens and providing views of hoodoo like rock formations. From the top of Log Canyon you will have to travel approx. 8 miles down the mountain to reach Hwy 132.

Once at Hwy 132 you will once again see the ATV trail heading south along the highway, take this trail until you reach a large gravel road with a Fountain Green Fish Hatchery sign. Take the dirt road until you see the Fountain Green sign, where you need to turn left. This road will take you to the Fountain Green Fish Hatchery where the road turns to pavement, continue on this paved road for approx one block where the road heads east. Continue heading east until you pass through a small stretch of gravel road, where at the end of the gravel you will turn right and head south.

Google Map location of Maple Canyon / Log Canyon Loop

Knolls Recreation Area

85 Miles West of SLC
**Fee Required**
BLM Website: Knolls Rec Area
Located just off of I­80 in Utah's west desert is the Knolls Recreation Area. With nearly 36,000 acres of sand dunes, hills, and mud flats, this place is the perfect OHV play area. The dunes are not as large as Jericho but just as fun. If you’re looking for speed the mud flats are the place, you can drive long distances on these flats and rarely feel a bump. 

For a casual ride you can explore the many Knolls which the area is named after. There are trails going in every direction, pick one and explore the desert at your own pace, however while exploring this area be sure to stay in the boundaries. If you travel south you will come to a fence, if you cross this you will be entering the Dugway bombing range, not a good place to be. So stay in bounds and watch for the fences, which are clearly marked, and you'll be ok. When planning your trip to this area there are a few things you need to keep in mind. This place is very desolate so bring plenty of water, food, etc.

Google Map location of Knolls Rec Area