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Alta and Snowbird are located adjacent to each other at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, just southeast of Salt Lake City.

Since the resorts are adjacent, they cooperate on many things and offer a 2-resort lift pass. Outside Magazine lumped the resorts together and ranked them as the number one resort in North America, in its 2008 ranking.

Alta is a no-frills mountain with some of the best snow to be found on earth. It is a favorite of die-hard skiers who are interested in skiing, skiing and more skiing.

Snowbird offers a cosmopolitan environment with great skiing, superb restaurants, a world-famous spa and many other amenities. Snowbird is a year-round resort and offers a multitude of summer activities including a popular Alpine Slide, mountain bike trails and many concerts.

We offer a wide variety of vacation homes within easy driving distance from Alta and Snowbird resorts.

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